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Make a Resolution You'll Want to Keep

Happy New Year!

Keep your New Year’s resolutions simple by prioritizing fun and health at the same time. You deserve to feel good on a brand new bike.

Spend More Time With Friends

Prioritize health AND fun at the same time. Group rides with friends or local cycling events are a great way to stay in the saddle while having a blast. Need a bike that can do it all? Hybrid bikes offer the comfort of a mountain bike with the lightweight efficiency of a roadie. Go from tearing up trails to winding through city bike paths with your pals on a hybrid bike.

Have More Adventures

Resolve to venture on to new terrain this coming year. Designed with versatility in mind, gravel bikes have similar geometry and performance to road bikes, with the added dynamic ability of off-road tires. Add some sweet outerwear and quality shoes, and you'll be taking the roads less traveled in no time.

Take More Trips by Bike

Finding yourself sitting in traffic, burning gas, watching cyclists cruise by? It’s time to swap your motor vehicle for something with a little more oomph. Commuting by bike gets you out of traffic jams and into a healthier lifestyle. Lessen your carbon footprint while getting fit and enjoying the great outdoors.